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Guest lecture: The Lady's Magazine: Understanding the Emergence of a Genre

Dr Koenraad Claes, Centre for Studies in the Long Eighteenth Century
School of English, University of Kent.

Dragvoll, room D106

Dr Claes will provide a general overview of the Lady’s Magazine (1770-1832), one of the first and longest-running women’s periodicals of all time, and of the activities and planned output of the Leverhulme Research Project at the University of Kent that is currently investigating the magazine’s authorship and contents through a detailed bibliographical, statistical and literary-critical analysis of the magazine, from its inception in 1770 until the launch of its new series in 1818. This talk will focus on the research methodology of the research project and will contextualize the Lady’s Magazine within the history of the women’s magazine genre and the wider British print culture of its time.