Nov 7

The International Laurence Sterne Foundation Conference (Nov. 2017)

  • Northumbria University

Siv Gøril Brandtzæg presenting the paper 'This year was published: novel advertisements in the British newspapers of 1768'.

Paul Goring presenting a newspaper-informed paper on Laurence Sterne and music, and leading a roundtable on 'Eighteenth-Century Social Networks', including discussion of news as a basis for network building.

Jun 30

Conflict in the Periodical Press (6th International ESPRit Conference)

  • IULM University Milan

Johanne Kristiansen and Marius Warholm Haugen present papers at the 6th International Conference of the European Society for Periodical Research (ESPRit):

Thursday 29 June 2017 1100-1230

Marius Warholm Haugen: ‘Mediating Anglophobia: Political and Cultural Conflict in the French Periodical Reception of British Travel Writing (1792-1815)’

Thursday 29 June 2017 1500-1630 

Johanne Kristiansen: ‘Transatlantic News Reporting in the Age of the French Revolution: The St. Domingue Slave Revolt’

9:30 pm21:30

‘Traduire le Voyage comme acte politique – débats traductologiques dans la critique de presse française (1792-1814)’

  • Institut des Sciences de l’Homme

Marius Warholm Haugen gives a talk at the ‘Séminaire « Presse 18 » 2016-2017’, at Institut d’Histoire des Représentations et des Idées dans les Modernités, entitled: 

‘Traduire le Voyage comme acte politique – débats traductologiques dans la critique de presse française (1792-1814)’ 

5:15 pm17:15

"La réécriture viatique : discours de voyage dans la presse française (1780-1820)

  • Université de Lausanne

Dans le cadre du séminaire de recherche d'Histoire moderne, aura lieu la conférence de:

Marius Warholm Haugen, "La réécriture viatique : discours de voyage dans la presse française (1780-1820)"

Lundi 20 février 2017, 17h15


"La réécriture viatique : le Voyage dans la presse française (1780-1820)" est un projet qui étudie la réception, l’appropriation et la médiation des récits de voyage dans les périodiques français. Empruntant les méthodes et les perspectives théoriques aux domaines des études littéraires, de l’histoire du livre et des médias, il cherche à comprendre le rôle de la presse comme médiateur du voyage et du monde, avec un intérêt particulier pour le fonctionnement du compte rendu comme texte. Le projet est financé par Norges Forskningsråd (Fonds de Recherche de Norvège), et fait partie de Enlighenment News: Periodical Publication, Newspapers, and the Digital Archive, dirigé par Paul Goring (NTNU).  

Dec 8

Conceptual change: Digital Humanities Case Studies

  • Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Marius Warholm Haugen will give a talk entitled Tracing Travel in the Periodical Press (1780-1820), Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Gallica at the Digital Humanities Symposium on Conceptual Change in Helsinki.

Dec 4

International symposium: Spreading the News in the Eighteenth Century

Spreading the news in the eighteenth century

An ‘Enlightenment News’ Symposium

NTNU Trondheim, 3-4 December 2015


Schedule of public events


Note the different venues! Suhmhuset, Gunnerus Library, Dragvoll, Adressahuset


Thursday 3 December


Presentation of papers. Venue: Suhmhuset

10.00-10.10: Introduction by Paul Goring

10.15-11.30: Session 1

Andrew Prescott (University of Glasgow), ‘Searching for Dr. Johnson’

Annika Rockenberger (University of Oslo), ‘The German early-enlightenment newspaper “Nordischer Mercurius” (1664–1730) – digitized’

Danny Reed (Oxford Brookes)  , 'Spreading the News within the Clerical Profession - Newspapers and the Church in the North of England, 1714-1761'

11.30-11.45: Coffee

11.45-12.45: Session 2

Ellen Krefting (University of Oslo), ‘News and Opinions in Denmark-Norway’

Arthur de Weduven (University of St. Andrews) ‘From piety to profit: the development of newspaper advertising in the Dutch Golden Age’

12.45-13.30: Lunch

13.30-15.00: Session 3

Denis Reynaud (Université Lumière-Lyon 2) ‘Circulating descriptions: signalements in the press before the French Revolution’

Marius Warholm Haugen (NTNU), ‘News of travellers; travel as news’

Johanne Kristiansen (NTNU), ‘Reporting the French Revolution’

15.00-15.10: Short break

15.10-16.00: Session 4

William Warner (University of Santa Barbara, California), ‘Newspapers, reality, and the problem of truth’

Andrew Pettegree (University of St. Andrews), ‘What Enlightenment? The degeneration of the newspaper ideal in eighteenth-century Europe’



Opening of exhibition, ‘Da Trondheim fikk sin første avis: Adressavisenes etablering på 1700-tallet’ Venue: Gunnerusbibliotek


Friday 4 December


Guest lecture by Professor William Warner (University of Santa Barbara, California). Venue: Dragvoll, Room D107

‘Enlightenment News: Critical Public Discourse or Propaganda?’



Public Lecture by Professor Andrew Pettegree (University of St. Andrews). Venue: Adressahuset

‘Journalism and the Right to Know: News and Public Policy in the First Age of Print’






International Symposium - Spreading the News in the Eighteenth Century
Dec 4

International Symposium - Spreading the News in the Eighteenth Century

Spreading the News in the Eighteenth Century

An Enlightenment News Symposium

Trondheim 3-4 December 2015


Thursday, December 3


10.00-16.00: Symposium with ten speakers, Suhmhuset, central Trondheim. Full program available here.


Lunch for registered participants: please sign up before 26 November by mail to: (No fee but limited places; first come first served).


16.30-17.30: Early Newspaper Exhibition, Gunnerus library, presenting a collection of local and national newspapers. Reception with presentation by library director, Stein Olle Johansen. Guided tour of ‘Knudtzonsalen’ and the private library of the 18th-century Trondheim citizen, Broder Lysholm Knudtzon.


Friday, December 4


10.15-11.30: Guest Lecture, Dragvoll campus (room D107) by William B. Warner: ‘Enlightenment News: Critical Public Discourse or Propaganda?’


18.00-19.00: Public lecture by Andrew Pettegree at Adresseavisahuset, mid town: ‘Journalism and the Right to Know. News and Public Policy in the first Age of Print’



10:15 am10:15

Guest lecture: The Lady's Magazine: Understanding the Emergence of a Genre

Dr Koenraad Claes, Centre for Studies in the Long Eighteenth Century
School of English, University of Kent.

Dragvoll, room D106

Dr Claes will provide a general overview of the Lady’s Magazine (1770-1832), one of the first and longest-running women’s periodicals of all time, and of the activities and planned output of the Leverhulme Research Project at the University of Kent that is currently investigating the magazine’s authorship and contents through a detailed bibliographical, statistical and literary-critical analysis of the magazine, from its inception in 1770 until the launch of its new series in 1818. This talk will focus on the research methodology of the research project and will contextualize the Lady’s Magazine within the history of the women’s magazine genre and the wider British print culture of its time.

10:30 pm22:30

emtacl15 - Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries

  • Scandic Nidelven

Two papers by members of Enlightenment News:

Johanne Kristiansen:

Towards a Digital Methodology? A Case Study of the Eighteenth-Century Burney Collection

Marius Warholm Haugen:

Using Digital Libraries as Primary Research Tool - A Theoretical and Methodological Discussion

Apr 11

James Hogg Society 2015 conference

Yuri Cowan:

"'A Detail of Curious Traditionary Facts': The Justified Sinner and the
Scots Mummy In and Out of the Pages of Blackwood's."

Mar 22

The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

  • Los Angeles

Roundtable:' A Re:Enlightenment Perspective on the New(s) Thing' (March 19):

Paul Goring: 'Is Digital Recovery of the 'first draft of history' Now Possible?'

Siv Gøril Brandtzæg: 'Novel Advertisements in Eighteenth-Century Nespapers: The Case of Julia de Roubigné'.

4:00 pm16:00

Enlightenment News Panel at BSECS 2015, Oxford

  • St. Hugh's college

Johanne Kristiansen:

'To our Readers': Periodical publications and their readers in late Eighteenth-Century London

Marius Warholm Haugen:

Remediating Movement: Travel Writing in the French Periodical Press (1780-1820)

Paul Goring:

Channels of conflict in Eighteenth-Century print media

Jan 11

MLA 2015 conference, Vancouver

Yuri Cowan:

"Orality, Authenticity, and the Historiography of the Everyday: The
Ballad in Victorian Scholarship and Print Culture."